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l testo di Illusionary Mask è stato modificato piu' volte nel corso degli anni e in varie errata successive, portando ad alcune ambiguità e qui pro quo.
In FormatoQL l'effetto dell'artefatto permette di evocare una creatura ed è quindi una azione "cast". Il lancio della creatura puo' essere contrastato da counterspell e altre contromagie finché si trova nella pila.

Questo è il testo di Illusionary Mask come lo trovate sull'Oracolo ufficiale di FormatoQL


Illusionary Mask

Color=Artifact Type=Artifact Cost=2 ABU(R)
{X}: Cast a creature card with converted mana cost X or less from your hand into play face down as a 0/1 creature. Put X mask counters on that creature. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery. You may turn the creature face up any time you could play an instant by removing all mask counters from it. [QLMagic 2014/08/18]
  • Note – Errata has changed the card behavior. Read it carefully. [Oracle 2002/10/01]
  • This card allows you to put a creature card into play without playing it and while ignoring the colored mana requirements in its cost. [D’Angelo 2001/08/15]
  • Usable on Creature and Artifact Creature cards. [D’Angelo 2000/03/03]
  • The creature is considered to be a 0/1 colorless creature with no name, creature type, expansion symbol, or abilities, and a mana cost of 0. None of the true characteristics of the card apply. This is true as long as it is face down. [CompRules 2001/07/23 – 504.2]
  • The creature enters play face down, so none of its "comes into play" abilities will trigger or have any effect. [CompRules 2001/07/23 – 504.2] Also none of the "If this would come into play" abilities apply. [D’Angelo 2002/05/15]
  • The controller may turn it face up any time that player has priority. This action does not go on the stack. [CompRules 2001/07/23 – 504.3]
  • When turned face up, the creature regains its full characteristics. [CompRules 2001/07/23 – 504.4]
  • The creature's "comes into play" abilities (and any other abilities relating to the creature coming into play) do not trigger when it turns face up. [CompRules 2001/07/23]
  • Only the controller of the face down creature can look at it. [Onslaught Rules 2002/09/15]
  • If the Mask is destroyed, the creatures still remain face-down until one of the conditions of turning it over are met. [bethmo 1994/03/01]
  • If Power Artifact is placed on it, the minimum Mask use cost is 1. [D’Angelo 1994/06/01]




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