Creatures (3)
x Eternal Dragon
x Morphling

Spells (35)
x Ancestral Recall
x Arcane Denial
x Brainstorm
x Counterspell
x Force of Will
x Impulse
x Orim’s Chant
x Swords to Plowshares
x Decree of Justice
x Wrath of God
x Standstill
x Mox Pearl
x Nevinyrral’s Disk
x Sol Ring
Lands (24)
x Faerie Conclave
x Flooded Strand
x Island
x Library of Alexandria
x Mishra’s Factory
x Plains
x Polluted Delta
x Strip Mine
x Tundra
x Wasteland

Sideboard (15)
x Disenchant
x Energy Field
x Library of Leng
x Maze of Ith
x Orim’s Chant
x Tormod’s Crypt
x Wasteland

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