One thought on “Land-tempo-card Advantage”
  1. Rhymeswithpants on wrote:

    This deck is pretty straightforward. A typical play might look like this:

    Turn one: Llanowar Elves/Chromatic sphere; ortapped dual landTurn two: thornscape familiar; or if mana permits,remain untapped and cast Turf Wound; orArmadillo Cloak on ElvesTurn three: Argothian wurm/juggernaut; orImplode (if Familiar is in play)

    The idea to to deny lands while gaining a tempo and card advantage with Turf Wound, Implode and Plough Under.

    Argothian Wurm compliments this theme, and Juggernaut is just another fatty for 4 mana.

    A splash of white is included for the amazing creature enchant Armadillo Cloak.

    I’d like to acquire better dual lands and more Rancors. Please critique this deck 🙂 and remember, the card selection is limited to old school MTG.

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