Card Rulings Summary Updated 2003/07/24


Rulings are collected from many sources. See credits and disclaimer at the end of the file for details.

This is the last release is under the rules used by SIXTH EDITION and SEVENTH EDITION. Both of these editions use the same rules.

Unglued, Portal, Portal: Second Age, Portal: Three Kingdoms, Starter, and Starter 2000 cards do not yet have official Oracle card texts, so rulings on them are based on Oracle texts made by NetReps.

Complete text is included for cards from all expansions.

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- A -

Abandoned Outpost

Abandon Hope Abbey Gargoyles Abbey Matron Abduction Abeyance Abjure Abolish Abomination Aboroth Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor Aboshan's Desire About Face Abu Ja'far Absolute Grace Absolute Law Absorb Abundance The Abyss Abyssal Gatekeeper Abyssal Horror Abyssal Hunter Abyssal Nightstalker Abyssal Specter Academy Rector Academy Researchers Accelerate Accelerated Mutation Acceptable Losses Accumulated Knowledge Accursed Centaur Acidic Dagger Acidic Sliver Acidic Soil Acid Rain Acorn Harvest Acridian Active Volcano Adarkar Sentinel Adarkar Unicorn Adarkar Wastes Addle Adun Oakenshield Advance Scout Adventurers' Guildhouse Aegis of Honor Aegis of the Meek Aeolipile AErathi Berserker Aerial Caravan Aesthir Glider AEther Barrier AEther Burst AEther Charge AEther Flash AEther Mutation AEther Rift AEther Sting AEther Storm AEther Tide Afflict Afiya Grove Afterlife Aftershock Ageless Sentinels Agent of Shauku Agent of Stromgald Aggravated Assault Aggression Aggressive Urge Agility Agonizing Demise Agonizing Memories Air Bladder Airborne Aid Airdrop Condor Air Elemental Aisling Leprechaun Akroma, Angel of Wrath Akroma's Blessing Akroma's Devoted Akroma's Vengeance Akron Legionnaire Aku Djinn Al-abara's Carpet Alabaster Dragon Alabaster Leech Alabaster Potion Alabaster Wall Alaborn Cavalier Alaborn Grenadier Alaborn Musketeer Alaborn Trooper Alaborn Veteran Alaborn Zealot Aladdin Aladdin's Lamp Aladdin's Ring Alarum Albino Troll Alchor's Tomb Aleatory Alert Shu Infantry Alexi's Cloak Alexi, Zephyr Mage Ali Baba Aliban's Tower Ali from Cairo Allay Alley Grifters All Hallow's Eve Allied Strategies Alloy Golem Alluring Scent Alms Alpha Kavu Alpha Status Altar of Bone Altar of Dementia Alter Reality Aluren Ambassador Laquatus Amber Prison Ambition's Cost Ambush Ambush Commander Ambush Party Amnesia Amok Amphibious Kavu Amrou Kithkin Amugaba Amulet of Kroog Amulet of Quoz Amulet of Unmaking Anaba Ancestor Anaba Bodyguard Anaba Shaman Anaba Spirit Crafter Anaconda Ana Disciple Anarchist Anarchy Ana Sanctuary Anavolver Ancestor's Chosen Ancestor's Prophet Ancestral Knowledge Ancestral Mask Ancestral Memories Ancestral Recall Ancestral Tribute Ancient Craving Ancient Hydra Ancient Kavu Ancient Ooze Ancient Runes Ancient Silverback Ancient Spider Ancient Spring Ancient Tomb Andradite Leech Angelfire Crusader Angelic Blessing Angelic Chorus Angelic Curator Angelic Favor Angelic Page Angelic Protector Angelic Renewal Angelic Shield Angelic Voices Angelic Wall Angel of Fury Angel of Light Angel of Mercy Angel of Retribution Angel's Trumpet Anger Angry Mob Angus Mackenzie An-Havva Constable An-Havva Inn An-Havva Township Animal Boneyard Animal Magnetism Animate Artifact Animate Dead Animate Land Animate Wall Ankh of Mishra Annex Annihilate Annul Anoint Antagonism Anthroplasm Anti-Magic Aura Anurid Barkripper Anurid Brushhopper Anurid Murkdiver Anurid Scavenger Anurid Swarmsnapper Anvil of Bogardan An-Zerrin Ruins Apathy Apes of Rath Aphetto Alchemist Aphetto Dredging Aphetto Exterminator Aphetto Grifter Aphetto Runecaster Aphetto Vulture Apocalypse Apocalypse Chime Apprentice Necromancer Apprentice Sorcerer Apprentice Wizard Aquamoeba Arboria Arcades Sabboth Arcane Denial Arcane Laboratory Arcane Teachings Archaeological Dig Archangel Arcanis the Omnipotent Archery Training Archivist Arc Lightning Arc Mage Arctic Foxes Arctic Merfolk Arctic Wolves Arcum's Sleigh Arcum's Weathervane Arcum's Whistle Ardent Militia Ardent Soldier Arena Arena of the Ancients Arenson's Aura Argivian Archaeologist Argivian Blacksmith Argivian Find Argivian Restoration Argothian Elder Argothian Enchantress Argothian Pixies Argothian Swine Argothian Treefolk Argothian Wurm Ark of Blight Armadillo Cloak Armageddon Armageddon Clock Armistice Armored Galleon Armored Griffin Armored Guardian Armored Pegasus Armorer Guildmage Armor of Faith Armor of Thorns Armor Sliver Armor Thrull Arms Dealer Army Ants Army of Allah Arnjlot's Ascent Arrest Arrogant Vampire Arrogant Wurm Artifact Blast Artifact Mutation Artifact Possession Artifact Ward Artificial Evolution Ascendant Evincar Ascending Aven Ashen Firebeast Ashen Ghoul Ashen Powder Ashes to Ashes Ashnod's Altar Ashnod's Battle Gear Ashnod's Coupon Ashnod's Cylix Ashnod's Transmogrant Asmira, Holy Avenger Aspect of Wolf Assassin's Blade Assault (Assault/Battery) Assembly Hall Astral Slide Astral Steel Astrolabe Atalya, Samite Master Atog Atogatog Attrition Attunement Aura Blast Aura Extraction Aura Flux Aura Fracture Aura Graft Auramancer Aura Mutation Aura Shards Aura of Silence Aura Thief Auratog Aurification Aurochs Aurora Griffin Auspicious Ancestor Autumn Willow Avalanche Avalanche Riders Avarax Avatar of Fury Avatar of Hope Avatar of Might Avatar of Will Avatar of Woe Aven Archer Aven Brigadier Aven Cloudchaser Aven Envoy Aven Farseer Aven Fateshaper Aven Fisher Aven Flock Aven Fogbringer Avenger en-Dal Avenging Angel Avenging Druid Aven Liberator Aven Redeemer Aven Shrine Aven Smokeweaver Aven Soulgazer Aven Trooper Aven Warcraft Aven Warhawk Aven Windreader Avizoa Avoid Fate Awakening Awesome Presence Axelrod Gunnarson Ayesha Tanaka Aysen Abbey Aysen Bureaucrats Aysen Crusader Aysen Highway Azimaet Drake Azure Drake

- B -


Backfire Backlash Backslide Back to Basics Badlands Bad Moon Bad River Baki's Curse Balance Balance of Power Balancing Act Balduvian Barbarians Balduvian Bears Balduvian Conjurer Balduvian Dead Balduvian Horde Balduvian Hydra Balduvian Shaman Balduvian Trading Post Balduvian War-Makers Baleful Stare Ballista Squad Ball Lightning Balloon Peddler Balm of Restoration Balshan Beguiler Balshan Collaborator Balshan Griffin Balthor the Defiled Balthor the Stout Bamboozle Bandage Bane of the Living Banshee Barbarian Bully Barbarian General Barbarian Guides Barbarian Horde Barbarian Lunatic Barbarian Outcast Barbarian Ring Barbary Apes Barbed-Back Wurm Barbed Field Barbed Foliage Barbed Sextant Barbed Sliver Barbed Wire Barbtooth Wurm Bargain Bargaining Table Barishi Barkhide Mauler Barktooth Warbeard Barl's Cage Baron Sengir Barreling Attack Barren Moor Barrin, Master Wizard Barrin's Codex Barrin's Spite Barrin's Unmaking Barrow Ghoul Bartel Runeaxe Basal Thrull Basalt Golem Basalt Monolith Bash to Bits Basking Rootwalla Baton of Morale Battering Craghorn Battering Ram Battery (Assault/Battery) Battle Cry Battlefield Forge Battlefield Medic Battlefield Percher Battlefield Scrounger Battle Frenzy Battle of Wits Battle Rampart Battle Screech Battle Squadron Battle Strain Battlewise Aven Bay Falcon Bayou Bayou Dragonfly Bazaar of Baghdad Bazaar of Wonders Beacon of Destiny Bear Cub Bearscape Beast Attack Beast of Burden Beasts of Bogardan Beast Walkers Bedlam Bee Sting Befoul Belbe's Armor Belbe's Percher Belbe's Portal Bellowing Fiend Beloved Chaplain Benalish Emissary Benalish Heralds Benalish Hero Benalish Infantry Benalish Knight Benalish Lancer Benalish Missionary Benalish Trapper Bend or Break Benevolent Bodyguard Benevolent Unicorn Benthic Behemoth Benthic Djinn Benthic Explorers Bequeathal Bereavement Berserk Berserk Murlodont Bestial Fury Betrayal Betrothed of Fire B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster) Bifurcate Bind Binding Agony Binding Grasp Biorhythm Birchlore Rangers Bird Maiden Birds of Paradise Black Carriage Blacker Lotus Black Knight Black Lotus Blackmail Black Mana Battery Black Market Black Scarab Black Vise Black Ward Blade Sliver Bladewing's Thrall Bladewing the Risen Blanchwood Armor Blanchwood Treefolk Blanket of Night Blasted Landscape Blaster Mage Blastoderm Blatant Thievery Blaze Blaze of Glory Blazing Effigy Blazing Salvo Blazing Specter Blessed Orator Blessed Reversal Blessed Wind Blessed Wine Blessing Blight Blighted Shaman Blind Fury Blinding Angel Blinding Light Blind Seer Blinking Spirit Blistering Barrier Blistering Firecat Blizzard Blizzard Elemental Bloated Toad Blockade Runner Blood Celebrant Bloodcurdler Bloodcurdling Scream Bloodfire Colossus Bloodfire Dwarf Bloodfire Infusion Bloodfire Kavu Blood Frenzy Blood Hound Bloodline Shaman Blood Lust Blood Moon Blood Oath Blood of the Martyr Blood Pet Bloodrock Cyclops Bloodshot Cyclops Bloodstained Mire Bloodstoke Howler Bloodstone Cameo Blood Vassal Blossoming Wreath Blue Elemental Blast Blue Mana Battery Blue Scarab Blue Ward Blurred Mongoose Boa Constrictor Body Snatcher Bogardan Firefiend Bogardan Phoenix Bog Down Bog Elemental Bog Glider Bog Gnarr Bog Imp Bog Initiate Bog Raiders Bog Rats Bog Smugglers Bog Witch Bog Wraith Bog Wreckage Boil Boiling Blood Boiling Seas Bola Warrior Bomb Squad Bone Dancer Bone Flute Bone Harvest Boneknitter Bone Mask Bone Shaman Boneshard Slasher Bone Shredder Bonethorn Valesk Booby Trap Book Burning Book of Rass Boomerang Border Guard Border Patrol Boris Devilboon Borrowing 100,000 Arrows Borrowing the East Wind Bosium Strip Bottle Gnomes Bottle of Suleiman Bottomless Pit Bottomless Vault Bouncing Beebles Bounty Hunter Bounty of the Hunt Braids, Cabal Minion Braidwood Cup Braidwood Sextant Brain Freeze Braingeyser Brainstorm Brainwash Branchsnap Lorian Brand Branded Brawlers Brand of Ill Omen Brassclaw Orcs Brass Herald Brass Man Brass Secretary Brass-Talon Chimera Bravado Brawl Brawn Breach Break Asunder Breaking Point Breaking Wave Break Open Breakthrough Breath of Darigaaz Breath of Dreams Breath of Life Breathstealer Breathstealer's Crypt Breeding Pit Breezekeeper Briar Patch Briar Shield Bribery Brightstone Ritual Brilliant Halo Brilliant Plan Brimstone Dragon Brine Hag Brine Seer Brine Shaman Brink of Madness Broken Dam Broken Fall Broken Visage Brontotherium Bronze Calendar Bronze Horse Bronze Tablet Broodhatch Nantuko Brood of Cockroaches Brood Sliver Brothers of Fire Browbeat Brown Ouphe Browse Brushland Brushwagg Brush with Death Brutal Nightstalker Brutal Suppression The Brute Bubble Matrix Bubbling Beebles Bubbling Muck Builder's Bane Bull Elephant Bull Hippo Bulwark Bullwhip Buoyancy Bureaucracy Burgeoning Buried Alive Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire Burning Cloak Burning Fields Burning of Xinye Burning Palm Efreet Burning Sands Burning Shield Askari Burning Wish Burnout Burnt Offering Burrowing Burst of Energy Butcher Orgg

- C -

Cabal Archon Cabal Coffers Cabal Conditioning Cabal Executioner Cabal Inquisitor Cabal Interrogator Cabal Patriarch Cabal Pit Cabal Ritual Cabal Shrine Cabal Slaver Cabal Surgeon Cabal Therapy Cabal Torturer Cabal Trainee Cackling Fiend Cackling Witch Cadaverous Bloom Cadaverous Knight Cagemail Caldera Kavu Caldera Lake Caller of the Claw Caller of the Hunt Call of the Herd Call of the Wild Callous Giant Callous Oppressor Call to Arms Call to the Grave Calming Licid Calming Verse Caltrops Camel Camouflage Candelabra of Tawnos Cannibalize Canopy Claws Canopy Crawler Canopy Dragon Canopy Spider Canopy Surge Cantivore Canyon Drake Canyon Wildcat Cao Cao, Lord of Wei Cao Ren, Wei Commander Capashen Knight Capashen Standard Capashen Templar Capashen Unicorn Capricious Sorcerer Capsize Captain Sisay Captain's Maneuver Capture of Jingzhou Carapace Carbonize Cardboard Carapace Careful Study Caribou Range Carnassid Carnival of Souls Carnivorous Plant Carnophage Carpet of Flowers Carrier Pigeons Carrion Carrion Ants Carrion Beetles Carrionette Carrion Feeder Carrion Rats Carrion Wall Carrion Wurm Cartographer Casting of Bones Castle Castle Sengir Cataclysm Catacomb Dragon Catalog Catalyst Stone Catapult Master Catapult Squad Catastrophe Cat Burglar Cateran Brute Cateran Enforcer Cateran Kidnappers Cateran Overlord Cateran Persuader Cateran Slaver Cateran Summons Cathedral of Serra Cathodion Cat Warriors Cauldron Dance Caustic Tar Caustic Wasps Cave-In Cave People Cavern Crawler Cavern Harpy Caverns of Despair Cave Sense Caves of Koilos Cave Tiger Cease-Fire Celestial Convergence Celestial Dawn Celestial Gatekeeper Celestial Prism Celestial Sword Cemetery Gate Censorship Centaur Archer Centaur Chieftain Centaur Garden Centaur Glade Centaur Rootcaster Centaur Veteran Cephalid Aristocrat Cephalid Broker Cephalid Coliseum Cephalid Constable Cephalid Illusionist Cephalid Inkshrouder Cephalid Looter Cephalid Pathmage Cephalid Retainer Cephalid Sage Cephalid Scout Cephalid Shrine Cephalid Snitch Cephalid Vandal Ceremonial Guard Cerulean Wyvern Cessation Ceta Disciple Ceta Sanctuary Cetavolver Chainer, Dementia Master Chainer's Edict Chainflinger Chain Lightning Chain of Acid Chain of Plasma Chain of Silence Chain of Smog Chain of Vapor Chains of Mephistopheles Chain Stasis Chambered Nautilus Chamber of Manipulation Chameleon Spirit Champion Lancer Champion's Victory Chandler Chance Encounter Change of Heart Channel Chaos (Order/Chaos) Chaos Charm Chaos Confetti Chaos Harlequin Chaoslace Chaos Lord Chaos Moon Chaos Orb Chaosphere Chaotic Goo Chaotic Strike Charcoal Diamond Charging Bandits Charging Paladin Charging Rhino Charging Slateback Charging Troll Chariot of the Sun Charisma Charmed Griffin Charmed Pendant Charm Peddler Charm School Chartooth Cougar Chastise Chatter of the Squirrel Checks and Balances The Cheese Stands Alone Chicken a la King Chicken Egg Chieftain en-Dal Childhood Horror Child of Gaea Chill Chill Haunting Chilling Apparition Chime of Night Chimeric Idol Chimeric Sphere Chimeric Staff Chlorophant Cho-Arrim Alchemist Cho-Arrim Bruiser Cho-Arrim Legate Choke Choking Sands Choking Tethers Choking Vines Cho-Manno, Revolutionary Cho-Manno's Blessing Chorus of Woe Chromatic Armor Chromatic Sphere Chromeshell Crab Chromium Chronatog Chub Toad Churning Eddy Cinder Cloud Cinder Crawler Cinder Elemental Cinder Giant Cinder Marsh Cinder Seer Cinder Shade Cinder Storm Cinder Wall Circle of Despair Circle of Protection: Artifacts Circle of Protection: Black Circle of Protection: Blue Circle of Protection: Green Circle of Protection: Red Circle of Protection: Shadow Circle of Protection: White Circle of Solace Circling Vultures Circular Logic Citadel of Pain Citanul Centaurs Citanul Druid Citanul Flute Citanul Hierophants City in a Bottle City of Brass City of Shadows City of Solitude City of Traitors Civic Guildmage Clairvoyance Clambassadors Clam-I-Am Clam Session Claws of Gix Claws of Wirewood Clay Pigeon Clay Statue Cleanse Cleansing Cleansing Meditation Clear Clear the Land Clergy en-Vec Clergy of the Holy Nimbus Clickslither Cloak of Confusion Cloak of Feathers Cloak of Invisibility Cloak of Mists Clockwork Avian Clockwork Beast Clockwork Gnomes Clockwork Steed Clockwork Swarm Clone Close Quarters Clot Sliver Cloudchaser Eagle Cloud Cover Cloud Djinn Cloud Dragon Cloud Elemental Cloud of Faeries Cloud Pirates Cloudreach Cavalry Cloudskate Cloud Spirit Cloud Sprite Clutch of Undeath Coal Golem Coalition Flag Coalition Honor Guard Coalition Victory Coastal Drake Coastal Hornclaw Coastal Piracy Coastal Tower Coastal Wizard Coast Watcher Coat of Arms Cockatrice Cocoon Coercion Coffin Puppets Coffin Purge Coffin Queen Cognivore Coiled Tinviper Coiling Woodworm Coils of the Medusa Cold Snap Cold Storage Collapsing Borders Collective Restraint Collective Unconscious Colossus of Sardia Colos Yearling Combat Medic Commander Eesha Commander Greven il-Vec Command of Unsummoning Commando Raid Common Cause Common Courtesy Complex Automaton Complicate Compost Compulsion Concentrate Conch Horn Concordant Crossroads Cone of Flame Confessor Confiscate Confound Congregate Conquer Consecrate Land Conservator Conspiracy Constant Mists Consume Strength Consuming Ferocity Consumptive Goo Contagion Contamination Contemplation Contempt Contested Cliffs Contract from Below Control Magic Control of the Court Convalescence Convalescent Care Conversion Conviction Convulsing Licid Cooperation Copper Gnomes Copper-Leaf Angel Copper Tablet Copy Artifact Coral Atoll Coral Eel Coral Fighters Coral Helm Coral Merfolk Coral Net Coral Reef Cornered Market Corpse Dance Corpse Harvester Corrosion Corrupt Corrupt Court Official Corrupt Eunuchs Corrupting Licid Corrupt Official Cosmic Horror Council of Advisors Counterintelligence Counterspell Cover of Darkness Covert Operative Covetous Dragon Cowardice Crackdown Crackling Club Cradle Guard Crafty Pathmage Crag Saurian Crash Crashing Boars Crashing Centaur Crash of Rhinos Crater Hellion Craven Giant Craven Knight Craw Giant Crawlspace Craw Wurm Crazed Armodon Crazed Firecat Crazed Skirge Creature Bond Credit Voucher Creeping Mold Cremate Crenellated Wall Crested Craghorn Crevasse Crimson Acolyte Crimson Hellkite Crimson Kobolds Crimson Manticore Crimson Roc Crippling Fatigue Cromat Crookclaw Elder Crooked Scales Crookshank Kobolds Crop Rotation Crosis's Attendant Crosis's Catacombs Crosis's Charm Crosis, the Purger Crossbow Ambush Crossbow Infantry Crosswinds Crovax the Cursed Crowd Favorites Crown of Ascension Crown of Awe Crown of Flames Crown of Fury Crown of Suspicion Crown of the Ages Crown of Vigor Crude Rampart Cruel Bargain Cruel Edict Cruel Fate Cruel Revival Cruel Tutor Crumble Crumbling Sanctuary Crusade Crusading Knight Crush of Wurms Crypt Angel Crypt Cobra Crypt Creeper Cryptic Gateway Crypt Rats Crypt Sliver Crystal Chimes Crystal Golem Crystalline Sliver Crystal Quarry Crystal Rod Crystal Spray Crystal Vein Culling the Weak Cultural Exchange Cunning Cunning Advisor Cunning Giant Cunning Wish Cuombajj Witches Curfew Curiosity Curse Artifact Cursed Flesh Cursed Land Cursed Monstrosity Cursed Rack Cursed Scroll Cursed Totem Curse of Marit Lage Custody Battle Customs Depot Cycle of Life Cyclone Cyclopean Mummy Cyclopean Tomb

- D -

Dakkon Blackblade

Dakmor Bat Dakmor Ghoul Dakmor Lancer Dakmor Plague Dakmor Scorpion Dakmor Sorceress Damping Engine Damping Field Dance of Many Dance of the Dead Dancing Scimitar Dandan Daraja Griffin Darba Darigaaz's Attendant Darigaaz's Caldera Darigaaz's Charm Darigaaz, the Igniter Daring Apprentice Daring Leap Dark Banishing Darkest Hour Dark Hatchling Dark Heart of the Wood Darkling Stalker Dark Maze Darkness Dark Offering Darkpact Dark Privilege Dark Ritual Dark Sphere Dark Supplicant Dark Suspicions Dark Triumph Darkwatch Elves Darkwater Catacombs Darkwater Egg Darting Merfolk Daru Cavalier Daru Encampment Daru Healer Daru Lancer Daru Mender Daru Sanctifier Daru Spiritualist Daru Stinger Daru Warchief Daughter of Autumn Daunting Defender Dauthi Cutthroat Dauthi Embrace Dauthi Ghoul Dauthi Horror Dauthi Jackal Dauthi Marauder Dauthi Mercenary Dauthi Mindripper Dauthi Slayer Dauthi Trapper Dauthi Warlord D'Avenant Archer Dawn Elemental Dawning Purist Dawn of the Dead Dawnstrider Day (Night/Day) Day of the Dragons Daze Dazzling Beauty Deadapult Deadfall Deadhead Deadly Insect Dead Ringers Deadshot Death (Life/Death) Death Bomb Death Charmer Deathcoil Wurm Deathgazer Death Grasp Deathgrip Deathlace Deathmark Prelate Death Match Death Mutation Death or Glory Death Pit Offering Death Pits of Rath Death Pulse Death's Duet Death's-Head Buzzard Death Spark Death Speakers Death Stroke Death Ward Death Watch Death Wish Debt of Loyalty Decaying Soil Deception Decimate Decompose Decomposition Decree of Annihilation Decree of Justice Decree of Pain Decree of Savagery Decree of Silence Dedicated Martyr Deep Analysis Deep Reconnaissance Deep-Sea Serpent Deep Spawn Deep Water Deep Wood Deepwood Drummer Deepwood Elder Deepwood Ghoul Deepwood Legate Deepwood Tantiv Deepwood Wolverine Defender en-Vec Defender of Chaos Defender of Law Defender of the Order Defense Grid Defense of the Heart Defensive Formation Defensive Maneuvers Defiant Elf Defiant Falcon Defiant Stand Defiant Vanguard Defiling Tears Deflection Deftblade Elite Defy Gravity Dega Disciple Dega Sanctuary Degavolver Dehydration Deja Vu Delaying Shield Delif's Cone Delif's Cube Delirium Deliver (Stand/Deliver) Delraich Deluge Delusions of Mediocrity Dematerialize Demolish Demonic Attorney Demonic Consultation Demonic Hordes Demonic Torment Demonic Tutor Demoralize Demystify Denied! Denizen of the Deep Dense Foliage Denying Wind Deranged Hermit Derelor Dermoplasm Desert Desert Drake Deserted Temple Desertion Desert Nomads Desert Sandstorm Desert Twister Desolation Desolation Angel Desolation Giant Desperate Charge Desperate Gambit Desperate Research Despoil Despondency Despotic Scepter Destructive Flow Destructive Urge Detonate Devastate Devastating Dreams Devastation Devoted Caretaker Devoted Hero Devouring Deep Devouring Strossus Devout Harpist Devout Monk Devout Witness Diabolic Edict Diabolic Intent Diabolic Machine Diabolic Servitude Diabolic Tutor Diabolic Vision Diamond Kaleidoscope Diamond Valley Diaochan, Artful Beauty Didgeridoo Diligent Farmhand Dimensional Breach Diminishing Returns Dingus Egg Dingus Staff Diplomatic Escort Diplomatic Immunity Dire Wolves Dirge of Dread Dirtcowl Wurm Dirtwater Wraith Dirty Wererat Disappear Disciple of Grace Disciple of Kangee Disciple of Law Disciple of Malice Discombobulate Discordant Dirge Discordant Spirit Disease Carriers Diseased Vermin Disempower Disenchant Disharmony Disintegrate Dismantling Blow Dismiss Disorder Dispersal Shield Dispersing Orb Disrupt Disrupting Scepter Disruptive Pitmage Disruptive Student Dissipate Distorting Lens Distorting Wake Disturbed Burial Dive Bomber Divergent Growth Diversionary Tactics Divert Divine Intervention Divine Light Divine Offering Divine Presence Divine Retribution Divine Sacrament Divine Transformation Diving Griffin Divining Witch Dizzying Gaze Djinn of the Lamp Dodecapod Dogged Hunter Dominaria's Judgment Dominate Dominating Licid Donate Dong Zhou, the Tyrant Doom Cannon Doomed Necromancer Doomsday Doomsday Specter Do or Die Dormant Volcano Double Cross Double Deal Double Dip Double Play Double Take Doubtless One Douse Downdraft Downhill Charge Draco Draconian Cylix Dracoplasm Drafna's Restoration Dragon Arch Dragon Blood Dragon Breath Dragon Engine Dragon Fangs Dragon Mage Dragon Mask Dragon Roost Dragon Scales Dragon Shadow Dragonspeaker Shaman Dragonstalker Dragonstorm Dragon Tyrant Dragon Whelp Dragon Wings Drain Life Drain Power Drake Hatchling Drake-Skull Cameo Dralnu's Crusade Dralnu's Pet Dread Charge Dread of Night Dread Reaper Dread Specter Dread Wight Dreamborn Muse